Well done Reception.


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This year we have had to earn £5.00’s for being chosen as class of the week. Look what we chose to spend ours on. Well done reception class a well earned treat.

Pre school Squirrel visits.Welcome to Westwood!


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Look at our new reception class on their pre school visit. Don’t they look happy making new friends and discovering their new setting.



Reception children find a dragon egg at Clitheroe Castle!!!


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The Reception class and Year One class recently visited Clitheroe Castle. An amazing day was had by all with superb behaviour shown by all in Reception. All staff were very proud .

On arrival , we climbed to the top of the hill where we were met by our guides for the day. Jon, Jan and Jools, ‘The Jay Team’, had a fun packed day all arranged for us.

We split into three groups and each went with a different guide. On the coach Bradley, Lucas, Callum and Oleg had the important job of making sure Mrs. Mills didn’t fall asleep.


The first activity involved us exploring the keep. We saw amazing views and learnt all about Mott and Bailey castles. Dylan and Alfie were amazed at how far you could see and Kaidon understood completely why it was a good place for a soldier to watch for enemies. Lucas, Callum and Bradley did not like the cold and didn’t think they would enjoy being a soldier. 

Olivia had the important job of being the time keeper and ensuring we weren’t late for our next workshop.

Our next group involved working together creating our own Clitheroe Castles using and recalling the knowledge that Jools and Jon shared with us. We all took on different roles from butcher, farmer, candlestick maker to gong farmer. No one wanted to be a gong farmer.Ciara, Charlotte and William worked well as a group and could point out the different features of their castle. Kaidon, Cody and Luke created a wonderful keep with a drawbridge and moat.



Our final group just before lunch, involved moving into Clitheroe Castle Museum and working with Jan creating our own designs for our own Coat of Arms. Imogen,  Bethany, Mollie and Anna all drew the Westwood Tree on their shield.



At last it was lunch time,we were all very hungry.  Lots of treats, sandwiches, biscuits and cakes soon disappeared. Rose, Naomie, Sarah and Luke helped us tidy up and we were soon ready for our afternoon workshops.



Rogan shared Dragon stories and we then went on a search for dragons. We all had ice creams and sat listening to Rogan read his favourite Dragon stories. Summer, Evie, Anna and JD soon finished their ice creams.  We then went on a search for dragons however we didn’t find any dragons but we did discover a dragon egg. we were informed by the Dragon Guardians that this egg had been left by it’s dragon mother and they were concerned for its growth.  Sienna, Adam, and Siyar offered to look after the egg and hatch the baby dragon.



Here is a picture of Ciara and Maisie discovering the dragon egg.



After lunch Jools shared her knowledge of different coloured dragons. We learnt what the different coloured dragons ate and where they lived. Eryn and Jayden’s favourite dragon was the blue dragon who ate slimy frogs spawn and lived in the rivers.



Moving outside we then had to undergo dragon guardianship training and show our skill with the sword. Here we learnt the unicorn, falcon and many more defence moves. 



Our final session before we travelled back home involved us all discovering why the keep had a hole in one side. This we discovered was made by a dragon. Jan told the myth of how a local lad discovered a dragon stealing the sheep and cows. This resulted in the boy following the dragon and and as he was about to kill the dragon it turned into a beautiful princess. 

New lunchtime zones-active play


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The children have had a glorious start in reception to the new zone areas. The school has invested in training and resources to equip the welfare and playground buddies in delivering an active lunchtime session. 

The children have been so excited at having the opportunity to choose a zone and play with all different

ages. They are being challenged to try new things and are gaining independence in areas unsure of. 

The older children are contributing in making lunchtimes an exciting place to be for our very youngest children.

Shiver me timbers…


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One of Mrs.Packers’ and my favourite times is the Summer Term where all the children’s hard work really shows. The children are so much more engaged and focused and all the personal,social and emotion activities undertaken throughout the year show children starting to be ready for the transition to Year One.



Easter Egg Hunt


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Easter egg hunt…to find the Easter Bunny.

On our last day of school, the children had a fun literacy lesson in the disguise of an Easter Egg Hunt.

Hilariously so did most of the school and the reception class kept discovering the wrong eggs. We hope our eggs confused other classes too…

In small groups we searched the school grounds for hidden eggs. These boys searched and searched and searched…

…..eventually eggs were found.

 The children kept together as a team, talking and sharing ideas of where to search. We were surprised at all the different nooks and hidden places they found around the school.

Once an egg had been found they read the number…matched the number to their egg hunt sheet on their clipboard and opened the egg. Inside the egg was a picture. On the egg hunt sheet they took turns to spell and write the word. They had 12 different pictures/eggs to discover.

The final egg was hidden next to Snowy the rabbits cage, where the children could stroke,or cuddle “The Easter Bunny”.

Again great team work and a fun way to start our Easter Holidays. Stay safe Reception.

Good bye.


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The reception class said goodbye to both Mrs Simpson and Miss Dooney on the last day of spring term. Warm thanks from us all for some wonderful learning experiences and lots of loving care. Good luck in your new jobs.

Outdoor play


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Reception have been working in groups getting used to different zones of the playground ready for the introduction of our new lunchtime play equipment.




Here you can see Sienna, Cody, Anna and Maisie hoopla hooping. Great twisting and turning.Siyar and Oliver are working with the quoit hoops . You can see Oliver is trying to catch his ten times with two hands….doesn’t quite want to let go when he throws it up…and Siyar is balancing his on one foot. Ciara and her group were busy balancing not just one bean bag on their heads but two.Well done to

Mollie who looks a true professional with the hockey sticks. First time used. Olivia, William, Luke and Kaidon also can be seen mastering it too.



We also have been working on the bridge and tyre trails, keeping safe and challenging ourselves.

We have been working on ball skills, group and pair games, throwing and catching and use of different body parts. We can hop, skip, jump, run around our playground, careful not to bump into others.


Let us finish by sharing one of our favourite games, we sometimes play as a warm up game or as a group game. It involves running after each other grabbing each other’s tails. A tail is a coloured band tucked into the back of our shorts. We can either chase all tails or just a different colour. We have to remember to protect our tails. The winner is the one who has the most tails.

Bradley was this game’s winner …


Food Glorious Food


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It is really lovely to see how well Reception class have adapted to lunchtimes. At the beginning of the year going into the dinner hall seemed such a scary thing to do and Early Years staff and Welfare staff had to support the children in many different ways. It was also a challenge to the school as all Infants qualified for free dinners and our school cook Denise had to rise to the challenge of cooking for over 80 more children.

All children look forward to their dinners and show great independent self-help skills. They are able to choose their own choice of dinner without standing for  ten minutes looking at all the options. Hardly any spillages and great use of knife and fork.

Our sandwich children enjoy being with their friends and have increased the amounts they now eat.

I wonder if any will try school dinners next term or next school year.

Playing and working together.


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The following picture collage shows the whole class working and solving parachute challenges together. They are showing that whilst working together they are focused, listening and excited by their play.

They are showing many characteristics of learning. They are motivated, active and showing great levels of concentration. They have been set a challenge this week, where they have to work together to form a mushroom shape which they can sit underneath. You can see they achieved this and are very proud of their accomplishment.